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Arts & Culture

Historic Holmberg Hall

The hall stands prominently over Parrington Oval in an architecture style known as Cherokee Gothic, a term coined by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright when he visited the campus.​

Arts & Culture

Iglesia Pueblo de Dios

Adoracion, Comunion, Superación / Worship, Community, Empowerement • En Español

Arts & Culture

Jacobson House Native Art Center

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Jacobson House Native Art Center is home to year-round Native American and cultural art exhibits.

Arts & Culture

Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center

Performance and Events venue at the University of Oklahoma.​

Family Entertainment

Legacy Park

​Located near Interstate 35 in the University North Park area, Legacy Park contains picnic areas, an amphitheater, jogging and walking course and fountains.

Arts & Culture

Main Street Events Center

Main Street Event Center is located in Downtown Norman

Arts & Culture

MAINSITE Contemporary Art

MAINSITE features year-round exhibits, community events, art critique sessions, a Norman Arts Council Featured Artist space, a student curated space, and much more.​

The Nancy O'Brian Center for Performing Arts hosts performances, incuding Norman Public Schools' events.

Arts & Culture

National Weather Center

National Weather Center is home to local, state and federal agencies including the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Severe Storms Laboratory and more

The National Weather Museum intends to preserve the history and highlight the future of weather research