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Historic Holmberg Hall

By OU Public Affairs, (405) 325-1701

Among the University of Oklahoma’s most recognizable communal facilities as well as one of the state’s most historic buildings, Holmberg Hall celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018.

Built in 1918 and first named The Auditorium, it was renamed Holmberg Hall in 1938 in honor of Fredrik Holmberg (1872-1936), distinguished professor of music and first dean of the College of Fine Arts. Holmberg was a steadfast advocate for fine arts education at OU and throughout the state.

The iconic building known commonly as Historic Holmberg Hall has been recognized as one of the top 15 among the 50 most beautiful conservatories and Schools of Music in the nation. The hall stands prominently over Parrington Oval in an architecture style known as Cherokee Gothic, a term coined by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright when he visited the campus.

Today, the performance hall continues to host many facets of the fine arts at OU, where student performers enhance their talents in concerts, opera, musical theatre, drama and dance productions before often going on to perform professionally throughout the nation and around the world.


600 Parrington Oval, Norman OK 73019


(405) 325-0311


Historic Holmberg Hall

Upcoming at Historic Holmberg Hall: