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Family Entertainment    

Adventure Town

Adventure Town provides an indoor custom-built open play area, it’s a replicate of a town. Each play house is structured and outfitted with furniture, toys and costumes to let a child’s imagination run wild.

At Adventure Town a child will be able to:

  • Eat at the diner
  • Shop at the local market
  • Suit-up in uniform at the firehouse and climb into a fire-truck
  • Have a check-up at the Hospital
  • Enjoy a slice of pizza at the pizza shop
  • Take care of your 4 legged friends at the Veterinarian Hospital
  • Teach at your town school
  • Open a savings account at the Bank
  • Put the bad/guys in jail

In addition to the Town, Adventure Town offers various toys for children to enjoy around the town. Parents
can play along with the kids to help enhance their imaginative play experience.

For the little guys, Adventure Towns has a small soft play area for them to roll around in with age-appropriate toys.

The Pit Stop Snack Bar offers cold drinks, cups of coffee and pre-packaged foods.

Adventure Town is designed for kids ages 0- 8 years old.


2262 W. Main St.




Adventure Town