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The Bearded Lady Project

The Bearded Lady Project, a brainchild of paleobotanist Ellen Currano and filmmaker Lexi Jamieson Marsh, is aimed at challenging gender biases in the sciences, specifically paleontology. The project’s origins date back to a night when Ellen spoke to Lexi about her own experiences, and how she was not taken seriously by her colleagues. Half seriously, Ellen wondered whether her colleagues would appreciate her opinion if she had the right amount of facial hair. When Ellen woke up the next morning she saw a message from Lexi, “Let’s do this. Let’s get beards.”

So began the Bearded Lady Project. In 2014, Ellen and Lexi teamed up with fine arts photographer Kelsey Vance and director of photography Draper White, and began travelling around the world to photograph, film and interview paleoscientists in the field and in their labs, highlight the work they do, and tell the stories of how they got to where they are.

To date the project consists of two parts. First, the feature film celebrating the unsung achievements of women in paleontology and revealing the obstacles they faced. Second, a photography exhibit that pokes a bit of fun at the burly-bearded male stereotype that has dominated the professional landscape of field-going scientists for far too long.


Starts Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022

Repeats Daily, starting from 8/24/2022, until 9/25/2022


11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


Sam Noble Museum

2401 Chautauqua Avenue