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Summer Breeze Concert - The Cave Singers

Former Pretty Girls Make Graves member Derek Fudesco teamed up with Pete Quirk (of Hint Hint) and Marty Lund (of Cobra High) and began playing in the Seattle area as The Cave Singers. Given the rising popularity of meditative, folky indie acts in the early 2000s, forming a twangy, rootsy folk trio was probably the least surprising move Derek Fudesco could have made. Following the band's first full-length LP, Invitation Songs, the band was joined by former Blood Brothers bassist Morgan Henderson. The Cave Singers released their crowd funded fifth album, Banshee, in February 2016.


Sunday, Jul. 23, 2017


7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.


Lions Park

450 S. Flood, Norman, OK 73069


Lions Park, 450 S. Flood Ave., Norman, OK 73069