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Sandwiches & More

Bison Witches

Known for its soups, sandwiches and plentiful bar, Bison Witches also features live music seven nights of the week on its stage


Del Rancho

The menu at Del Rancho is extensive, including not only the Steak Sandwich Supreme, but also the Chicken Sandwich Supreme, fresh Chef Salads, large burgers with a variety of great toppings

Norman Originals

Hollywood Corners

Sandwiches, tacos, cinnamon rolls and so much more at this renovated filling station

Norman Originals

Land Run Grill - Tecumseh Road

​Located in North Norman on Tecumseh Road between Interstate 35 and 24th Ave. NW, Land Run Grill offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches and a very wide selection of beverages including a variety of frozen drinks.

Sandwiches & More

McAlister's Deli NW

McAlister's Deli offers a wide variety of sandwich, soup and salad menu along with very popular sweet tea

Norman Originals

Midway Deli

Located in a historic neighborhood and tucked between Downtown Norman and Campus Corner is Midway Deli

Sandwiches & More

Nashbird Chicken

Nashbird Chicken serves varieties of spicy chicken as sandwiches, tacos and wraps along with salads and a la carte as well as side items and appetizers

Coffee, Pastries & Desserts

Old School Bagel Café

​Old School Bagel offers a wide selection of bagels for breakfast or lunch along with coffee, soft drinks and juices.

Norman Originals

Penny Hill Subs

Penny Hill Subs offers a hearty menu of sandwiches and entrees along with a hefty bar selection

Norman Originals

Tino's Italian Eats and Sweets

Located in Downtown Norman, Tino's Italian Eats and Sweets features a variety of hot and cold hoagie sizes and varieties along with munchies like crab dip, pretzels, fries, wings and fried cheese and sweets including cannoli and Italian ices.