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Norman Originals

Crimson & Whipped Cream Bakery

Local gourmet bakery and coffee bar

Norman Originals

Dara Marie's Fine Baked Foods & Deli

Local eatery serving baked goods and deli food.


El Toro Chino

​A Latin+Asian fusion Kitchen with a unique and fresh menu.

Norman Originals

Eskimo Sno stand

​Open seasonally from April through September, the original Eskimo Sno stand is located at 1724 W. Lindsey Street.

Norman Originals

Fancy That Café

In Downtown Norman, Fancy That is a great place for sit-down breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner


Full Moon Sushi

Located in Downtown Norman, Full Moon Sushi provides friendly and fast service

Norman Originals


GP405, A Norman Gastropub is located inside the Marriott Conference Center at NCED

Norman Originals

Gray Owl Coffee

Local coffeehouse serving a wide variety of brews


Hassler's Restaurant

Serving breakfast and lunch near Downtown Norman, Hassler's Restaurant has been serving homestyle meals for decades

Norman Originals

Hollywood Corners

Sandwiches, tacos, cinnamon rolls and so much more at this renovated filling station