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​Top 6 ‘Instagram Perfect’ Springtime Spots

Attention all you spring breakers and incoming tourists!

Has watching all those classic westerns left you thinking Oklahoma is nothing but a dry, dusty landscape with tumbleweeds blowing in the wind? 

If so, have no fear, VisitNorman is here (to debunk those myths)!

Here in Norman - especially during the spring - the city is vibrant, colorful, and bursting with culture for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. 

Come see for yourself and don’t forget to charge your phone, because we’ve got our top 6 ‘Instagram Perfect’ springtime spots listed for you below! 

1. The University of Oklahoma

One word: Tulips.

As the alma mater goes, this campus really is “beautiful by day and night!” Each spring, OU’s famous crimson and cream tulips bloom up and down the South Oval just in time for spring break. And, with the gorgeous Gothic-styled buildings bathed in sunlight and a plethora of statues and public art to pose by, this is one spot you won’t want to miss!


2. Campus Corner

Right across the street from OU’s campus is Campus Corner - a shopping district filled with character and charm. From the red phone booths to the brick-paved sidewalks lined with greenery, you’ll be sure to get plenty of Instagram-perfect springtime shots!


3. Downtown Norman’s Walker Arts District

Explore Downtown Norman’s Walker Arts District this spring break while the weather is just right! Not only is Walker Arts District the perfect spot to snap a picture with some unique murals and public art, it’s also the home of Norman’s 2nd Friday Art Walk - a free event, open to everyone, held each 2nd Friday of the month from 6-9 p.m.


4. Saxon Running Trails

Longest Loop: 1.25 miles

Dying to capture Oklahoma’s famously breath-taking sunsets and sunrises? The trails at Saxon are the perfect spot to catch the brilliant reds, oranges, blues, and purples of the morning and evening skies. 


5. Sutton Wilderness Area

Longest Loop: 1.7 miles

The sunflowers are in full bloom at Sutton Wilderness Area! If you’re looking for a gorgeous nature trail with over hanging treetops along a sunflower-lined pond, this spot is perfect for your next picture-perfect destination. Be sure to bring your frisbee and furry friend with you too - the trail includes a disc golf course and also sits right next-door to the Norman Community Dog Park


6. Lake Thunderbird State Park

Longest Loop: 18 miles

Looking for the perfect spot to snap some wildlife and outdoors photos? Spring is the perfect time to capture a glimpse of Lake Thunderbird’s beautiful scenery along the hiking (and biking) trails.


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- Olivia Taylor, VisitNorman Digital Media