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Seven savory Asian restaurants in Norman

From Korean and Vietnamese to Chinese and Japanese and even Thai options, diners wanting to experience Asian cuisine have plenty of options in Norman. Here are seven:

O Asian Fusion. Located on Norman's East Side, O Asian Fusion's offerings range from sushi to stir fry to noodle and rice bowls.

Coriander Café. Serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Coriander Café is located on Campus Corner and is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sweet Basil Thai. Perhaps the most popular Pad Thai in Norman is served at Sweet Basil Thai in Downtown Norman.

Shilla Korean BBQ. Shilla Korean BBQ is one of Norman's newest Asian eateries located in the University North Park of North Norman and features all-you-can-eat options of its Korean specialties.

El Toro Chino (pictured above). Trying to decide between tacos or wontons? Definitely opt for El Toro Chino, where the menu features combinations of Latin and Asian flavors.

Full Moon Sushi. In Downtown Norman, Full Moon Sushi offers sushi made from very fresh fish. The Nigiri and Sashimi are two of the most popular varieties.

TEA Café. Very popular among Sooner students, TEA Café has a menu full of teas as well as other Asian favorites.

Read through the list of other Asian options in Norman here.