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Project Time Off: National Plan for Vacation Day

Recent studies show that only 46 percent of employees in the U.S. actually used all their vacation days in 2016. Research also shows that 55 percent of employees intend to use all their days each year. Today, Jan. 30, is National Plan A Vacation Day to remind us all to have a game plan to use those days in 2018.

Norman has a bounty of activities from which to choose. And you do not have to believe us, you can read up from recent travelers to our city who *thoroughly* enjoyed short trips to Norman in the summer of 2017:

Fit X BritJerica Says Deep Fried FitThe Sports BratGinger MarieStephanie SuireThe H is ForFortuitous FoodiesModern Mom Life Traveling Tramps (from Fall 2016) and its German companion

Not sure just how many #NormanMustDos there are? Read our visitors guide, which can be viewed or downloaded here. (Some sample itineraries are ready for download, too.) You can read a list of the major festivals and annual events taking place in 2018 here.

If you live in Norman, we encourage you to be a tourist in your own city. Have you seen the newest exhibit or even the permanent collection at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, for example? Checked out the Sam Noble Museum? How about a hike at Lake Thunderbird? Made arrangements to tour the National Weather Center or tour the National Weather Museum and Science Center? Then there is all the dining and shopping.

Downloading our app is a great way to try out restaurants new to you, find out what live music is playing and Book a Stay in one of our more than 3,000 available rooms in Norman for an overnight staycation. The link is below and is a free download.

Tourism is Oklahoma's third largest industry; from Northwest Oklahoma to Southeast Oklahoma, you can go from sand dunes to plush greenery so help out our other state communities by visiting a city new to you, not just an exit sign on the interstate. Read more at

Get started today on a plan to use up your vacation days. Your 2019 self will thank your proactive 2018 self.