Cradling a hot cup of coffee (or cappuccino or latte) on a cold morning is a special treat. Whether it is an early morning business meeting or a pick-me-up at a cold weekend soccer match or just a catch-up klatch with an old friend, indulge at one of Norman's coffee stops.

Although there are multiple locations now throughout Oklahoma City, the first Stella Nova opened on Main Street in January 2018. With a bakery case full of locally sourced items, it makes for a tasty coffee date.

Gray Owl is a favorite study place among OU students as well as a local favorite. The scones are made from scratch in house and most of the baked goods are also organic.

Also located Downtown is Michelangelo's Coffee and Wine Bar. With a menu that includes sweet treats as well as bagels, sandwiches and pizzas, Michelangelo's is a great place for a business meeting or conversation with friends.

On Campus Corner, Second Wind Coffeehouse is a non-profit coffee shop where patrons decide the price for their cup of goodness.

Cool Beans Coffee Shop is a drive-thru shop at 12th Ave. NE and Alameda with a menu offering many varieties of coffees, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos and much more.

Relatively new to Norman, Press & Plow is located in Northwest Norman at 24th Ave. NW and Tecumseh Road. The menu includes dairy-free choices along with a very robust menu.