As the shortest month of the year, February is sandwiched between January and March which has us thinking about some of Norman's best places to eat one.

Bison Witches has been serving a wide variety of 'wiches since the late 90s in Downtown Norman. Special shout outs to the Green Turkey, Hawaiian Chicken and, of course, the Sooner. (The soup and half sandwich special is a delicious bargain.)

Newer to the Downtown area is Tino's Italian Treats and Sweets. The signature cheesesteak comes in a variety of sizes and meats; the meatball is another can't miss. Closed on Sundays.

Located in far north Norman, Hollywood Corners may feel like you have been transported through time and on a road trip. The converted filling station serves up sandwiches along with a lot of other tasty treats. On a warm and sunny day, the outdoor area is a great place to eat and enjoy.

Looking for a gyro sandwich? Try out Gyro Hero, which is easy to access and enjoy. Along with a menu full of Mediterranean offerings, there are three different pita sandwiches to sample: a gyro, a grilled chicken and a falafel.

No matter which part of Norman you might find yourself, you can try out the sandwiches from one of Land Run Grill's two locations on West Tecumseh Road or Penny Hill Deli Bar & Char at Berry and Lindsey, operated by the same owners. From the unique Bronx Bomber and Chicken Pompeii, the menu will not disappoint. (And if you are really hungry, start with the pretzels and beer cheese dip. You will thank us.)