With eight (and counting) available options to taste craft suds, Norman's growing brewery community provides an opportunity to plan a brew through with friends, family, coworkers, conference attendees and others.

Working from north to south:

Black Mesa Brewing,

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Black Mesa Brewing is a craft brewery located in Norman, Oklahoma, known for its unique and flavorful beer offerings. The brewery was founded in 2012 by Chris Sanders, who named it after the famous Black Mesa geological formation in the northwestern part of the state.

Black Mesa Brewing's taproom is located in a historic building in downtown Norman, and it features a rotating selection of beers on tap, including ales, lagers, stouts, and sour beers. Some of the brewery's most popular offerings include the Endless Skyway IPA, the Superfluid Hazy IPA, and the Blackberry Bramble Sour.

405 Brewing Co. Taproom,

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Equity Brewing

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