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Norman donut shop stops

Which came first, the college students or the donut shops? Did the students come to Norman because there are so many donut choices or did the state legislature decide Norman was the best spot for an institution of higher learning because there were donut shops aplenty?

But, really, we do realize the university existed first and the donut shops followed suit. We just wanted to highlight just how many options there are in Norman for the sweet treats.

Whether you are a mom treating her child(ren) to a Friday breakfast treat or a college student needing a sugar bomb to make it through an all-night paper-writing session or you are bringing a box or two for a business meeting, there are donut shops likely very close to wherever you find yourself in Norman.

Our favorite three would have to be (in no order):

Gourmet Donuts, 518 N. Porter
Typically, this donut shop near Norman Regional Hospital's Porter campus is a social media favorite. And because the minimum debit card order requires $3, you wind up trying different varieties. Or at least we do. And the extra little donut hole is a nice touch. Especially when hot.

Donut King, two locations: 1214 W. Lindsey & 149 12th Ave. SE
A definite OU student favorite because it stays open into the wee hours, Donut King provides a friendly face when you come back again. And again. And again.

Daylight Donuts, two locations: 1050 N. Flood & 1300 12th Ave. SE
The Flood Ave. location, close to Robinson and Flood, is an easy stop if coming into Norman from the northside on your way to a business meeting. The fast and friendly staff can box up an assorted dozen rapidly. The closer-to-campus location is just as speedy when boxing up a dozen for university faculty and staff to take to students, meetings or -- hey, here's a thought -- to class. #BestInstructorEver

Whether a special weekend breakfast, a late-night carb load or Best Boss Ever treat, Norman has no shortage of donuts. Did we skip your favorite? Let us know!