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New, newish to Norman for the 2021 Sooner football season

Since the close of the 2019 Sooner Football season -- and what a time warp it has been since then! -- Norman has welcomed a few new additions to the restaurant scene. Some were opened in 2020 but may be very new to many season ticket holders making trips to Norman for the (true) season opener.

Just opened in September 2021 is Velvet Taco, opening its first Norman location, and in August, Yo Pablo Tacos and Tequila (pictured above) opened its first Norman location on Campus Corner.

Earlier in 2021, Kitchen 21 Thai and Pho opened on West Tecumseh Road, near Interstate 35 and near the University North Park hotel area.

New to the Alameda St. and 12th Ave. SE intersection in 2021, The Dancing Crab, opened serving a variety of seafood and Cajun specialties.

Not quite a year ago, Nashbird Chicken opened in Downtown Norman. Other new-ish additons to scene also include Spirals, Sauce It Up and Sideline Bar & Grill.

Also, for those looking for coffee and breakfast pastries, two new Scooter's coffee shops opened in the past year, one on West Main Street and another near Alameda and 12th. Shell Belle's Bakery opened in 2020, offering many beverage and bakery items on Campus Corner.

Kitchen 21 Thai and Pho

Velvet Taco

Dancing Crab

Scooter's West

Scooter's East

Nashbird Chicken

Shell Belle's Bakery

Sauce It Up

Sideline Bar & Grill