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'Meet the Sooners Day' must-dos

This year, 2017, marks a new era for Oklahoma Sooner football, the Lincoln Riley chapter. The annual "Meet the Sooners Day" takes place Saturday morning, bright and early, at 8:30. The festivities end at noon, leaving plenty of time for stops before and after the event.

Here's our advice for four must dos:

Breakfast. Yes, your mother may have told you that the best way to start a day is breakfast. Whether you arrive really early or closer to 8:30, leave time for breakfast. Ozzie's Diner, located inside Max Westheimer Airport, offers an all-you-can-eat special that hits the spot every time. For more of a to-go breakfast, pick up donuts at Donut King, because, DidYouKnowTheLindseyBridgeIsFinallyOpen, and it is a stop on the way to the stadium.

Lunch. Newly relocated to the corner of Lindsey Street and Berry Road is Penny Hill Subs. Not only are the sandwiches spectacular, but some of Norman's best salads are also served at Penny Hill. The new location features a lot more inside seating along with an outdoor patio.

Shop. It's Tax-Free Weekend so do your back-to-school shopping in Norman! From Campus Corner to University North Park and everywhere else in between, stock up on Sooner gear and much more.

Afternoon treat. You can never go wrong with an Eskimo Frosty, Sprittle, slush and some Pickle-Os at Classic 50s on your way out of Norman.