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Make your Meet the Sooners Day the best it can be

The 2018 edition of Meet the Sooners Day is coming up Sunday, a new day of the week versus recent years.

Theoretically, it's an event for children 14 and under to uniquely interact with Sooner players and coaches but it's also a dress rehearsal for upcoming fall #NormanGameDay experiences, too.

Start your day eating breakfast/brunch in Downtown Norman. Main Street has many offerings including long-standing The Diner and more recent favorite, Syrup: A Breakfast Boutique, plus the newest addition, Neighborhood JAM.

Head to Campus Corner and grab of the newest Sooner apparel at one of the many stores offering 2018's newest Sooner look. (We will not judge if you take the time to grab another breakfast.)

After the festivities, cool off with an afternoon icy treat on Lindsey Street -- which could be your first drive on the four-lane thoroughfare since it opened in late December -- at Classic 50s or Eskimo Sno, to name just two options. Make a stop at International Pantry to peruse the aisles of cookware, kitchen accessories and much more.

Finally, grab a post-event meal at one of our many unique-to-Norman restaurants before the day ends, whether one of your usual favorites or trying a newly opened eatery.

(P.S. Sunday will mark just 41 days until the season starts so bookmark this #NormanGameDay resource.)

Meet the Sooners Day map