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It's Fall Family Weekend, plan your fun!

Fall Family Weekend starts Friday (Sept. 24) for The University of Oklahoma with a detailed schedule planned by the Campus Activities Council. However, there are plenty of opportunities between events with lots of Live-Like-A-Local experiences in Norman.

Must-Do experiences:

Grab breakfast or brunch at a Norman Original like The Diner (featured on The Food Network three times!), Neighborhood JAM, Syrup Breakfast Boutique, El Huevo Mexi Diner or Carol's Kitchen, to name a few.

Drive over to Lake Thunderbird to see Oklahoma's largest urban park. While there, take a photo at the LOVE public art near Calypso Cove. Speaking of public art, take a stroll through Norman's and OU's art using Museum Without Walls.

Walk through Downtown Norman and Campus Corner to enjoy locally owned boutiques, stores, shops and businesses. With a 6:30 p.m. kickoff for the OU-West Virginia game, the later in the day it is, the more festive the atmosphere will become, especially the Asp Ave. Game Day experience.

Dine on some barbecue at Norman-owned restaurants like Ray's Smokehouse Barbecue or The Meating Place or a nice sit-down steak dinner at The Ranch Steakhouse or Legend's Restaurant.

Enjoy the afternoon at an outdoor patio at The Mont or Midway Deli or visit one of Norman's breweries.

Hear live music. On Friday at 5 p.m., The Wailers will be performing live outside Volare on Campus Corner's White Street. Other live music venues include Hollywood Corners, Red Brick Bar, Bluebonnet Bar, The Deli, Othello's and Opolis.