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Four smokin' Norman BBQ restaurants

In some parts of the U.S., people call a cookout a barbecue which can lead to a lot of confusion if you have spent a considerable amount of your life in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, barbecue means smoked meats, not burgers and hot dogs cooked on a grill.

With the Fourth of July coming up quickly, it might a bit too hot to stand over an open flame so here are four Norman barbecue restaurants who can smoke the meats ahead of time for your Independence Day gathering.

Ray's Smokehouse BBQ (pictured above). With a wide array of meats you can order ahead of time, Ray's Smokehouse BBQ on Lindsey Street is a mainstay for BBQ lovers. From chicken, turkey, bologna and sausage to brisket (chopped and sliced), ribs and pulled pork, there are plenty of choices. It's a family business and has some football memorabilia courtesy of Darrol Ray's Sooner and NFL career.

Van's Pig Stand. With multiple locations in Central Oklahoma, Van's Pig Stand offers brisket, pulled pork, ribs, turkey, sausage and hot links by the pound and chicken, too, on Sundays.

Billy Sims BBQ. The Oklahoma-based chain is a counter-serve restaurant that offers Super Packs including a 12 oz. pulled pork and 12 oz. chicken option, a 1.5-lb. meat option, a rack of ribs and pound of meat option and a 3.5-lb. meat options. (All come with sides, too.)

Rib Crib. Once upon a time in its very early years, the corporate headquarters for Rib Crib was located in Norman, not far from the eatery's location near Interstate 35 and Robinson St. Their menu features a lot more than just smoked meats but still offers "Pigout Packs" with meat by the pound including chopped beef brisket, sliced beef brisket, smoked turkey, chicken, bologna, ribs, pork, sausage and hot links.