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Donut forget the sweet treats

Whether your donut of choice might be a chocolate long john, simple glazed, powdered sugar (or Boston Creme!), apple fritters or maple long john, Norman's ample array of donut shops will make you a hero when entering a staff meeting or house full of children with a box full of sweet pastries.

Looking for tried-and-true VisitNorman staff picks? Here's five (in no particular order)

1. Gourmet Donuts, 518 N. Porter. Very rarely will you not see a line in the early morning to grab some donuts from Gourmet Donut. Could be the best apple fritter in Norman.

2. Daylight Donuts, 1050 N. Flood. A mainstay in Norman, Daylight Donuts has a wide variety available, and any one of the selections topped with chocolate will be an especially wise choice.

3. Donut King, 1214 W. Lindsey St. Open 24 hours, Donut King is particularly popular with high school and college students. Their donut holes fresh from the fryer are spectacularly delicious.

4. Kim's Donuts, 3451 36th Ave. NW. In addition to freshly made donuts, Kim's offers savory treats like kolaches, sausage rolls, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos.

5. Main Street Donuts, 906 W. Main St. Perhaps the best glazed donut in Norman, Main Street Donut is located across from Norman High School so try to hit the shop while classes are in session for the day or school is closed.