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5 Reasons to go to 2nd Friday Art Walk

If you take a stroll down downtown Main Street on just the right Friday evening, you might stumble across a staple of life in Norman, 2nd Friday Art Walk. The monthly event brings the whole community together to support the arts and local entrepreneurship. Keep reading for more reasons to go to 2nd Friday Art Walk in Norman!

Food Trucks
You sample local cuisine from across the metro from one or maybe all of the food trucks located throughout downtown Main Street during 2nd Friday. Food trucks rotate each month so each month you can try something new like Big Truck Tacos, Katie Bugs and more!

Supporting local artists
The quintessential reason for experiencing 2nd Friday Art Walk is in the name – supporting the arts and local artists. Many participating shops showcase locally made artists and crafts that often times are up for purchase.

Experience the Norman community
New to the Norman community? 2nd Friday Art Walk is a great way to dive and experience community and culture in Norman and the metro area.

Live performances
As you go from shop to shop or food truck to food truck, you won’t only see still art but performing art as well. Listen and watch street performers as you peruse the streets of downtown Norman.

Discover hidden gems in downtown Norman
Downtown Main Street is full of local shops and restaurants that you might not notice unless you to mosey along the sidewalk like you might at 2nd Friday Art Walk. As you seek out local art in various shops along the way, you might discover a new favorite in one of the Norman-original boutiques and shops along Main Street.

Ultimately, the art walk is first-rate when it comes supporting local economy and artists and giving locals and visitors alike a taste of what it means to be a part of the Norman community. VisitNorman this Friday and discover the fun for yourself!