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5 best 'off the beaten path' spots in Norman

Photo courtesy of @maddymaples on Instagram.

Part of what makes Norman so great are the many unique shopping and dining districts. From Campus Corner to Downtown Norman to Brookhaven Village and more, unique places to shop and eat are at every corner.

But every so often adventure awaits off the beaten path. On your next visit to Norman, check out one of these five spots and discover the hidden treasures just around the corner.

1.    Midway Deli– Have you ever stumbled across an old-fashioned deli in the middle of a neighborhood? You might when you visit Norman. Located at Eufaula and Chautauqua, Midway Deli is a family-owned establishment that opened in 1926. According to the owners, it’s hard to find but once you find it you will never forget Norman’s “Bermuda Triangle.”
2.    The Earth– Also located off the beaten path in a residential area on Flood Avenue is a quaint organic food store. The Earth is a small organic market, deli and coffee shop all rolled into one so you can stock up on some all natural foods and grab a bite to eat all in one location.
3.    Land Run – A bit removed from the tourist scene, Land Run Grill & Wine Bar is still close enough to campus for a quick get away from Norman’s epicenter. Venture out into a small piece of the frontier on 12th Avenue and be transported back in time with an atmosphere that resembles a wild west saloon.
4.   Los Dos Amigos – Drive far enough east on Alameda Street and you’ll come across this cozy Mexican restaurant when the atmosphere is on point and the complimentary tortillas and sopapillas are to die for.
5.    Cool Beans Coffee– Looking for a quick and delicious cup of coffee on the go? Run by Cool Beans Coffee, a drive-thru coffee shop at 12th Avenue and Alameda next to Goodwill. They serve all your favorite espresso drinks in addition to bagels and scones from Waving Wheat Bakery.

Photo courtesy of @maddymaples on Instagram.